FKS 350 IQ

In the fully equipped version of the Lohmeyer panel saw all relevant working parts are electrically driven – for maximum precision at even higher production speed. The terminal is at eye level, you can use the complete saw safe, efficient and ergonomic.

The Sliding Table the heart of the sliding table saw.

Precision, availability and long term reliability. These are the preconditions for economic success and reliability with your sliding table saw.

All operations start with the precise rip cut. The table of the FKS 3 IQ Series slides smoothly and exactly – the guides are hardened round bars which carry the sliding table - a robust, proven design for constant satisfaction when operating the FKS 3 IQ Series saws from Lohmeyer. Of course the system is maintenance free.


Features list for FKS 350 IQ

  • Elegant & solid: The Sliding Table
  • Extended table for easy removal of the workpieces
  • Cross cut fence with inclined and adjustable sales for a maximum length of 3,200mm
  • Solid sliding table 3,200 mm for a max. cutting length of 3,000 mm
  • Comfortable eye-level controller terminal
  • Digital rip fence up to 1,305mm
  • Height adjustable dust extraction hood
  • Electrical height adjustment of the saw blade
  • Electrical tilting of the saw blade 0-45°
  • Max.saw blade height 105mm with a 350mm saw blade

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