KUPER is an internationally operating medium-sized group of companies. They develop, produce and sell machinery and equipment for the industry and the trades, and offer qualified all-round service from operational planning through financing to service and training. With this combination, KUPER offers exactly what you need today for your operating success. This applies to woodworking, used machinery and packaging technology. KUPER also offers economic solutions for veneer splicing. The intuitive control system is combined with sharp sensors for scanning the veneer packages and material-protecting veneer splicing; here, individual solutions for short, thin, and wavy veneers are available. There is also a space-saving option for veneer waste: The veneer waste chopper from KUPER allows effective and low-noise cutting of veneer waste.

KUPER offers flexible and efficient solutions for solid wood processing. Our woodworking machines can be operated safely and intuitively - no matter if the machines are for cutting, planing or shaping solid wood.

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